When you are involved in an accident, you can suffer different types of injuries. This can potentially have major physical, psychological and financial consequences. SAR can provide you with expert assistance in such situations and hold the liable person liable. We will always discuss your case in detail with you, provide you with legal advice and relieve you of as much worries as possible. If necessary, we can even visit you at home.

SAR personal injury lawyers distinguish themselves by:

  • High level of service and commitment to its clients;
  • Direct help and advice;
  • Personal assistance;
  • In principle, it will not cost you anything. In case of acknowledged liability, the client does not owe us a fee.

Why SAR?

In addition to the experience and expertise, SAR is accessible, flexible and does everything possible for the maximum compensation. This combination makes SAR’s personal injury lawyers extremely suitable to take the concerns out of your hands and assist you from A to Z. Moreover, we only assist victims. SAR assisted many victims until now.

Right to Personal Injury Compensation

Victims of personal injury have to deal with many unsolicited problems, both financially and emotionally. Personal injury can have a huge impact on the lives of both victims and their loved ones. Directly, but often also in the longer term. Compensation in this can be an important step to give life a positive turn again. Without realizing it, costs can also rise high in a short period of time. You can think of the following injuries: medical costs, costs of household help, loss of earning capacity (loss of income), travel costs, pain relief etc.

In most cases personal injury cases are resolved amicably. This means that the case will not go to court. However, we will not hesitate to sue the opponent if an amicable solution is not possible. Before bringing a case to court, our office will firstly discuss the costs and risks associated with a procedure with you.

An expert lawyer is therefore very important. At SAR, we strive for a swift settlement of your personal injury claims and take decisive actions.

Costs for a personal injury attorney

In case of personal injury, the law provides that the liable party must pay the reasonable costs of your representative. This means that there are usually no costs for your account. We will agree with you in advance whether the costs can be recovered from the liable party. As a result, you will not be confronted with a (high) bill afterwards!

An indication of the amount of compensation:

  1. Whiplash after a traffic accident – € 46.036,-
  2. Leg injury – € 30.000,-
  3. Compensation for back injury – € 4.000,-
  4. Injury to teeth – € 1.200,-
  5. Eye injury and scars – € 23.250,-
  6. Foot injury – € 12.795,-
  7. Hearing damage – € 3.000,-

The above amounts are only indicative. If you would like to know what you may be entitled to, please contact us.

Claim process

If you believe a third party is responsible for your injury, please contact us. We will help you with making the responsible party pay for your damage.

Step 1: Introductory meeting
Step 2: Responsibility
Step 3: Collect the data
Step 4: Advance and damage assessment
Step 5: Placement of your file


We are clear in our advice, about our approach and the expected costs.


We stand for our clients (personal approach and reasonable prices).


Our lawyers have a high level of knowledge in their area of expertise.


Your concern is our concern. We look for a suitable solution for our clients.