We are looking for talent

There is always room for talent at SAR. Whether you are a beginner, have some years of experience or are dyed in the wool. If your expertise or interest matches our office profile and if you have legal talent, passion for the profession and your heart in the right place, we would like to get in touch with you for an introductory meeting. At SAR you will end up in an ambitious law firm with a growing practice. We specialize in personal injury, employment law, tenancy law, private and family law, social security law and administrative law.

This unique combination of legal areas under one roof enables us to provide our clients with optimal assistance. We are known for our committed, driven and result-oriented approach. At SAR we have only one goal: to achieve the best result as fast as possible for our clients!

University law student intern

not available

SAR staat voor:

Rotterdams – Rechtvaardig – Resultaat

SAR is uw gedreven advocaat in Rotterdam. Bij SAR werken we nauw met u samen. Wij handelen rechtvaardig en resultaatgericht. Daarvoor komt u bij SAR.

Onze kracht zit in onze ervaring en de kunst van het kijken naar een groter geheel. Zo voorkomen wij vaak de gang naar de rechtbank. Wij zijn sterk en lopen niet weg voor een uitdaging. Dat is het verschil die wij maken.

" Let our specialized SAR lawyers take a load off your shoulders so you can move forward again! "